ABOUT ARAC -Activity-

ARAC shall provide liaison among manufacturers of adhesive products, of raw materials and of equipments for the adhesive production or distributors of adhesive products in the Asia region, in order to promote mutual friendship, technical interchange, environmental and safety cares etc. and shall aim at sound development of adhesive related industries in the region.

ARAC aims to create value for its members and contribute to the growth of the Industry by:

  • Acting as the voice of the adhesive manufacturers in Asia,
  • Promoting friendship between members.
  • Exchanging valuable information between members, for environmental regulation, situation of market and production, and trend of new developing technologies.
  • Harmonizing industry statistics and their classification methodologies.
  • Investigating a variety of countermeasures to environmental and safety regulations which relate to the adhesives industry.
  • Building strong international cooperation with other adhesive & sealant, or similar, trade associations.
  • Providing and development technical training & education programs regarding to adhesives.