Article 1. Title
The title of council shall be "ASIA REGIONAL ADHESIVE COUNCIL" (hereinafter ARAC)
Article 2. Purpose
The council shall provide liaison among manufacturers of adhesive products, of raw materials and of equipments for the adhesive production or distributors of adhesive products in the Asia region, in order to promote mutual friendship, technical interchange, environmental and safety cares etc. and shall aim at sound development of adhesive related industries in the region.
Article 3. Members
ARAC shall be constituted of representative national bodies(industrial associations etc.) of each country in the Asian region. The charter members shall be China National Adhesive Industry Association, Japan Adhesive Industry Association, Korea Adhesive Industry Association and Taiwan Synthetic Resins & Adhesive Industrial Association, Admittance of a new member shall be subject to agreement of the existing members.
Article 4. Meetings
The conference of ARAC shall meet once every 4 years.
Article 5. Host of Meeting
Each meeting shall be hosted by a member, taking turns.
Article 6. Entitlement to Meeting Attendance
Representatives and attendants to the meeting shall be nominated by each ARAC member, selecting from its own office or members. Observers selected from associations, corporations or persons. worldwide, who are non-ARAC member, may be invited or admitted to the meeting by an ARAC member.
Article 7. Management Board
"Management Board" shall be organized to discuss and decide important matters of ARAC. The Board shall meet once a year, as principle. The board shall consist of all chiefs and their assistants of the member associations. Board meeting shall be called by the secretariat of the council.
Article 8. Attendance to International Meeting
ARAC will attend meetings held by FEICA and ASC, in the title of ARAC.
Article 9. Chair and Secretariat
A chair and a secretariat shall be instituted to facilitate the function of ARAC. The members shall take turns to serve in the "Chair" and the "Secretariat" of the conference, for the term of four(4)years.
Article 10. Revision of Rule
This rule may be revised by unanimous agreement of all ARAC members, when proposed by a member.
Article 11. Miscellaneous
Any matter that is not described herein or any dubious matters shall be discussed among the members for resolution.
Article 12. Effectuation
This rule shall become effective on the 13th day of April, 2004.